We need a hero…

It’s time to celebrate the heroes of Dean Court again in our annual cake-eating tradition also known as the AGM! We would love the pleasure of your company for an hour on the afternoon of Sunday 16th October, at 3pm. We’ll all eat cake together, some of us will give a brief run down of what’s been going on this year, everyone will vote on some things that let DCCA carry on doing what we’re doing, and we’ll big up someone from our community who shows us all what community spirit looks like.

Can you think of anyone that we should be celebrating? We’re keen to find people in our community who selflessly give up their time and energy for others, or to generally make the world a better place to live! They don’t have to be connected to the Community Centre or to DCCA, this is just about celebrating the marvellous people around us. Please send us an e-mail (deancourtcc@gmail.com) by Tuesday 4th October with the name of your person and a sentence or two about why they’re so brilliant, and we’ll try to make sure they get a mention at our meeting. We’ll also be selecting one person as our Volunteer of the Year.

Please do come and join the party! We need a certain number of people there to make it a proper meeting, and you’re guaranteed a free slice of cake and some tea, as well as lovely local friendly types. We look forward to seeing you.



We’re hiring!

Are you a friendly, community-minded human being with good organisational skills and the ability to use (or learn to use) Twitter, Facebook and WordPress? Are you available for 9 hours to be spread over Friday-Tuesday and to include some hours at the weekend? Would you like £8.25 an hour? Do you dream of working closely with our lovely existing administrator Rachael?

We’re looking for a second administrator who can take responsibility for our publicity and general communication with the world – you might have noticed we’re a bit sporadic with updating the website! They will also be able to increase the time that we can staff the centre for by working some of the weekend. Job description as follows:

Job description

  1. To market the Community Centre and DCCA events to local groups and individuals using all available channels including the website and social media, with appropriate direction and support from the Trustees and Volunteer Team.
  2. To co-ordinate the upkeep of our website (currently WordPress), mainly through blog posts and simple site admin (training provided).
  3. To take bookings, confirm that they comply with the Bookings Policy and confirm the booking with the hirer using the standard confirmation form.
  4. To deal with emails and other correspondence as necessary.
  5. To greet hirers for sessions taking place during working hours and ensure the centre is clean and tidy.
  6. To book cleaners and other contactors as necessary and occasionally undertake light cleaning duties if needed.

For more information and an application form, please e-mail jobs.deancourtcc@gmail.com. If this isn’t you, do you have any friends who might be interested? Send them our way!

All hands on deck!

It was a favourite saying of my ex- Royal Navy grandfather and we NEVER questioned him!  Oh, I wish I had the same clout . . .
But the success of our First Birthday Celebration rests with all of us. So, please, get out those blue tee-shirts (or buy one if you like!) and come and help us on (or before) our First Birthday weekend, 11th – 12th April.  There is much to be done, and, as the old saying goes:  Many hands make light work.  (Not my grandfather’s, that one – he didn’t believe in light work.)
You can easily tick what you can do in 30 seconds on our form here: Sign up page.  We will also need cakes (can anyone make a fabby birthday cake for us?  Otherwise it will have to be a less-than-fabby one made by me.  And I might be better employed in touching up the paint on our totally wonderful building.  But that will entail someone getting the paint down from the roof space. I can supply   the ladder if you can pick it up.)
So here’s the list of things-to-do:
Cakes – LOADS of cakes (special plea from Anna . . . well, OK, to be honest, from me)
Birthday cake: Large no. 1 in DCCC colours. 
Paint re-touching – get paint from roof space – I can supply ladder if you can pick it up.
Donations for the Tombola
Photographs!  Can anyone cover the event for us, featuring loads of blue tee-shirts?
Window cleaning So we can sparkle our way into the next year!
Priscilla Waugh


#GiveMe5 – Today!

If you read this any time before midnight on Wednesday, and can find it in your heart (and your wallet!) to give £5 to DCCA, we would be massively grateful. There is the chance that your donation will be doubled to make it worth £10 to us at no extra cost to yourself!

Click here to donate £5 to DCCA

Only donations of £5 made on Wed 25th February will be counted, so if you want to give more, make more than one donation!

give me 5

If you have a Twitter account or a Facebook account, could you consider sharing this too to help spread the message?!

All your support is valuable to us – together we’re helping an awesome community to grow. Thank you very very much!


Could you spare us a fiver?

We are so grateful for all the support we get, whether it’s through turning up to events, helping to run a stall, spreading the word about our fantastic facilities or meeting together to decide the future of our Community Association. Now we’re asking whether you could consider supporting us in another way – with your cash!

give me 5

Our fundraising buddies, Localgiving.com, are running a match funding day called GiveMe5 tomorrow, Wed 25th February. Any donation of £5 through our LocalGiving page that day (https://localgiving.com/charity/deancourtcc) could be doubled to £10! We can also claim gift aid on donations, which means that your fiver could be worth over £11 to us, at no extra cost to yourself. Surely worth a moment of your time?

Click here to #GiveMe5!
Thank you for your kindness and generosity.


Here’s the key info for the detail enthusiasts:

Start date & time: Wednesday 25th February at 00:00:00
End date & time: Wednesday 25th February at 23:59:59
Conditions of entry: Each £5 donation made to DCCA through Localgiving between the promotion start and end will be placed into a draw to be doubled with an extra £5 of match funding. Donations of other amounts will not be included in the draw. The promotion only applies to one-time donations.
Number of donations matched: 1000 x £5 donations will be matched as part of this promotion.
Charity & supporter limits: Donors may make as many £5 donations during the promotion as they wish and there is no limit to the amount of match funding any single group may receive.
Region: All UK
Any money we raise will go towards our aim of growing community in Dean Court. This could look like funds to start an older folks coffee morning, or new equipment for the centre, or money towards salaries for new posts like a families worker. Whatever it is, you can be assured it will benefit our community and you’re always welcome at our AGM to find out how we spent it all!

Can you help decorate our Christmas Tree?


As you can see, we need some help with our Christmas tree…


We hope that our Sunday brunchers will help us figure out how to put it together, so if you’re good with these things, or have got in some practice already this Christmas, please come along on Sunday and help! 9am – 11:30am for a lovely bacon buttie and a cup of coffee.


Since this is also our first Christmas in the Community Centre, we have the opportunity to create some Christmas traditions! In true Community style, we’d love to gather Christmas decorations for our tree from all around Dean Court… Could you make something to make our tree Christmassy? We’d love contributions from everyone, young or old, crafty or (like me) clunky… there will be opportunities to make things at the brunch and the Christmas tree will be open to all additions from this Sunday onwards. Bonus points for including the Dean Court turquoise in your decoration!


Finally don’t forget… Christmas carols on Pinnocks green, Friday 19th Dec 6pm, followed by mince pies in the Community Centre after (and a chance to admire the Christmas tree!).



How Clean is your House?!

If you groaned and went, “It’s terrible!” while all your friends who visit constantly congratulate you on the state of your home, you may be the kind of person we’re looking for. If you groaned and all your friends groan too, then you’re probably not. There’s other jobs for you.

We are looking to add to the raft of friendly locals who help make the Community Centre lovely with some top notch cleaning power. We have some money available to pay someone for the next few months (and hopefully beyond that, subject to grant confirmation!). We are looking for someone who could spend two hours a week cleaning the centre and occasionally be available for extra work. You’ll need to have proven experience and a couple of references that can tell us what a great person you are and how good your work is.


(* Please note this picture does not indicate our expectations of who will fill the role. DCCA is an equal opportunities employer and people of all hair colours and none are welcome to apply.)

If you’re interested, or you know someone who might be, please get in touch! We’re keen to get someone going as soon as possible. Call our lovely Centre Administrator Rachael on 01865 236160 or (better still) e-mail us on deancourtcc@gmail.com.


Reminder: Could you be the first paid member of staff?

hiring icon

Happy Friday! Just a reminder that the deadline for the part-time receptionist/ administrator job approacheth… if you fancy being considered for being our first paid member of staff, then get your applications in by midnight Monday evening!

The Trustees of the newly opened Dean Court Community Centre invite applications for a Part-time Receptionist/Administrator (10 hours per week) on a fixed term six month contract to deal with lettings and the general day to day running of the centre.

The Administrator is likely to live locally and be willing to work flexible hours to cope with the varying demands on the Centre. If you are friendly and motivated with good organisational skills and a keenness to help our community to grow, then please get in touch with us!

Deadline for return of application forms:  Monday 15 September 2014.

If you click on the link below, you’ll be taken to our Job description and our Application form. To apply, send the Application form and your CV to  us at deancourtcc@gmail.com. Even if you don’t meet every criterion on the job description, it’s worth applying because you might be exactly what we’re looking for and we just didn’t know it!

Job description Centre receptionist administrator

Application form Centre receptionist administrator


Volunteer Of The Year

This year at our AGM (5th October; put it in your diaries now!) we will be awarding the first ever Dean Court Volunteer Of The Year!


We want to celebrate the great and amazing people that are found all over Dean Court, so if you know someone great and amazing who selflessly gives up their time to help others for free, then please nominate them! They might be someone who helps listen to readers in a school, or who visits folk who can’t easily leave their homes. It might be someone you know who’s involved with a voluntary organisation like the Scouts or Guides, or there might be someone who just goes out of their way to help others whenever they get a chance.

The only essential feature is that the person must live in Dean Court (as defined by this map). Feel free to nominate friends, neighbours, your child’s brownie leader, etc.. You don’t have to tell them you’re nominating them but we’ll let you know if they’re shortlisted so you can make sure they come along! Please write us a short blurb about what makes them the Dean Court Volunteer of the Year and send it to us at deancourtcc@gmail.com. If writing’s not your thing, then send us the name of the person you’d like to nominate and your phone number so that we can ring you up and talk to you about them instead. The entries will be judged by a panel from the Community Association Management Team and the closing date is Sunday 28th September.

In summary:

  • They must live in Dean Court
  • Any voluntary activity counts
  • Tell us why they’re great! at deancourtcc@gmail.com
  • Closing date 28th Sept.


We look forwards to being deluged with e-mails about all the great people in Dean Court!


Volunteer of the year banner


Volunteer of the Month (belatedly!) – Jackie Cartwright

August’s Volunteer of the Month comes to you substantially late, for which I apologise, but with an exciting addition at the end… read on!




Jackie Cartwright is a team member who turned up at exactly the right moment. Trustee (in both senses!) Derek was always clear that he would step down from being the Treasurer when the Community Centre opened its doors (although I don’t think any of us envisaged he would serve for so long!), so we had plenty of warning of what was about to unfold, but unfortunately knowing what’s about to happen doesn’t always mean that you can magic a new treasurer up! Fortunately for us, the wonderful Naomi Sharland was on the case and got talking to Jackie at another local event, resulting in Jackie agreeing to take on our accounts and bring order to the finances of our new business!

We on the team are extremely grateful to Jackie for her constant good humour and willingness to ask the tricky questions! She keeps us all on track with the finances, which let me tell you is NOT a small task, but one that Jackie manages with verve and aplomb!

Jackie ensures that we are careful with our money – not only missing out on the opening ceremony so that she could make sure our cash did not go missing, but producing monthly reports so we can see where it’s going, and liaising with our independent examiners to produce the (highly complicated) annual accounts. Because Jackie’s on the team, you can be sure that every penny of your donations and hard-won fundraising is being used in the wisest way possible. The volume of information and detail she produces each month is incredible and so very useful to the Trustees.

It may be hard to believe, but all this is what Jackie does in her spare time – she has a day job working for another charity and is also a proud (and busy!) grandmother. Her house is always warm and welcoming and no piece of financial jargon is too much trouble to explain.

We marvel at your capability and are so glad you’re on the team Jackie, thank you.


Coming soon: Volunteer of the Year!

That’s right, it rhymes, so how could we possibly not include it in our forthcoming AGM?! For this year’s AGM (5th October, put it in your diaries now!), we are looking for a Dean Court Volunteer of the Year. More details to come soon, but do start thinking about who might be worthy of this prestigious award. The only 2 criteria are that the person needs to be:

  • Involved in voluntary work (not necessarily connected to the Community Centre)
  • Living in Dean Court (map here)

Who’s your volunteer of the year?