Day 155: How green is eco?

by | 3 Dec, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

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As you will know from previous blogs, Dean Court Community Centre is working towards the Eco-Centres Award. This is a journey and as with all journeys you first need to know where you are right now before planning where to go next! That’s what our Environmental Review is about and we are nearly finished in building (pardon the pun!) the picture of how the Centre impacts on the environment.

As you can imagine, there isn’t an endless pot of money to go ‘100% Eco’ from day one. Fortunately, the Eco-Centres award programme also recognises this and does not expect perfection before the award is given. They recognise that money and people are not endless resources and so they only ask that you show good progress and know where you are going!

The centre, like all of us individually, is on an Eco journey. So although I can get very excited by the movement operated LED lights in the toilet block, there is still the original and very solid, but uninsulated, concrete floor in the main hall. Apparently the option to dig it up was not an attractive one!

Neil Clark, Eco-Team