Your Eco-Team and CAG need you!

by | 10 Apr, 2015

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

At the forthcoming birthday celebrations (this weekend!) there will be a joint stall for the Eco-Team and Community Action Group (CAG). We need your help and we’d be delighted to discuss with you ways in which you might be able to help either or both of these two volunteer groups.

The Eco-Team


We are a team of volunteers that helps the community centre to fulfil its’ ‘eco-ambitions’. Last year we successful attained the Eco-Centres award and we have just drafted a plan for what we would like do in the coming year. That’s where we need your help. We have a list of things we would like to do, which this year are mainly on the themes of energy, healthy living, and bio-diversity, but we need help to do them. Could you join the team and help us?

The Dean Court CAG


We are a team of volunteers in the Dean Court area and are part of a 50 strong network in Oxfordshire at the forefront of community led action. We organise events and support action on issues such as energy, waste, transport, food, and biodiversity. Recent events included a litter pick and seed swap evening. We are always keen to have more people to help run and take part in our events. Could you help us?

We will both be at the event this weekend, on or near the stall, and we look forward to seeing you. Please come and say ‘hi’.

Neil Clark                    Naomi Sharland

Eco-Team Lead          Dean Court CAG