All hands on deck!

by | 28 Mar, 2015

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

It was a favourite saying of my ex- Royal Navy grandfather and we NEVER questioned him!  Oh, I wish I had the same clout . . .
But the success of our First Birthday Celebration rests with all of us. So, please, get out those blue tee-shirts (or buy one if you like!) and come and help us on (or before) our First Birthday weekend, 11th – 12th April.  There is much to be done, and, as the old saying goes:  Many hands make light work.  (Not my grandfather’s, that one – he didn’t believe in light work.)
You can easily tick what you can do in 30 seconds on our form here: Sign up page.  We will also need cakes (can anyone make a fabby birthday cake for us?  Otherwise it will have to be a less-than-fabby one made by me.  And I might be better employed in touching up the paint on our totally wonderful building.  But that will entail someone getting the paint down from the roof space. I can supply   the ladder if you can pick it up.)
So here’s the list of things-to-do:
Cakes – LOADS of cakes (special plea from Anna . . . well, OK, to be honest, from me)
Birthday cake: Large no. 1 in DCCC colours. 
Paint re-touching – get paint from roof space – I can supply ladder if you can pick it up.
Donations for the Tombola
Photographs!  Can anyone cover the event for us, featuring loads of blue tee-shirts?
Window cleaning So we can sparkle our way into the next year!
Priscilla Waugh