New year (green) resolutions

by | 16 Jan, 2015

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

It’s a time of resolutions for some, and last week my wife and I did what we call our annual ‘planning’. It’s not as grand as it sounds, but it did involve cake, and often invokes a little chuckle from friends! One aspect we always consider is what we can do next in terms of ethical, eco, or environmental issues. In the past this has included things like buying more local or organic food, changing our electricity to a ‘green’ provider, or moving an ISA to a more ‘ethical’ bank.

This year one of the things we decided to do was to aim to have no meat for main meals two days a week. This is for both health and environmental reasons (search for ‘meat free Mondays’ on the web for more ideas and information). Indeed, tonight I cooked a vegetarian quiche with mushrooms and home grown parsnips and carrots.


So, have you considered this new-year as an opportunity to make one change in your house? Although our individual actions appear small, when millions also make a change, and do so every year, it soon adds up.

Finally, following our successful Eco-Centres award last October, in the next couple of months the Eco-Team will also consider what our next Action Plan might contain. In the first year it focussed mainly on energy, waste and healthy living. If you have any thoughts or can help out, then please do get in touch.

Best wishes for a happy and well new year to you all,