Volunteer of the month… Emma Bartlett

by | 23 Sep, 2014

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

The lateness of this month’s post (again!) in no way reflects the esteem that we hold our volunteer of the month, Emma Bartlett in. Whilst lots of us will know her smiling face from Community Centre events, litter picks (notably just having returned from New Zealand on a 12 hour jetlag!) and Community Breakfasts, many people will be unaware of the incredible work that Emma does behind the scenes.

Emma is responsible for all the cleaning that happens in the new Community Centre, which as you can imagine for a building with 8 separate spaces and 6 toilets, is not a small feat to fit in on top of her normal job! She has some help in the form of her amazing next door neighbour and sidekick Priscilla, but there is always room for more – if you would like to help Emma keep our Centre looking beautiful, do get in touch.

What is even more amazing than her commitment to keeping the centre shiny and lovely is how glam she looks while doing it. Hoovering in heels…that’s Emma. See below for evidence!


Emma’s unfailing cheerfulness and friendliness embodies everything that we work towards at the Community Centre. We’d love to clone her but can’t work out how to so the rest of us just work hard to try to live up to her lovely example.

Emma is so generous with her time coming out at all times for anything and everything that needs doing and always with a smile. She has even donated cleaning material and equipment, which is just another example of what a giving person she is.

Emma, we’re so lucky to have you at the centre and in Dean Court. Your accent isn’t a local one but you’re a perfect example of the Dean Court spirit that we love so much.