The heat is on…. off…. on…. off

by | 25 Sep, 2014

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

As the fine September weather continues, at the centre we have been turning our minds to heating and have been doing plenty in preparation for the colder months.

  • We have prepared instructions for our volunteers on how to set our programmers and how to get instant heat by over-riding the system.
  • We have prepared instructions for users so that during your session if it gets too hot or cold then you will know what to do. You will be briefed, but basically you move the slider in the picture. Left (towards 1) for it to be cooler, and right (toward 10) for it to be warmer. Around 5-6 is usually sufficient.
  • P1010049
  • We have started to train the centre volunteers that open the centre so that they can get the heating going for you and are confident in knowing the essentials of how it operates.
  • We will be preparing some signage to further help our volunteers operate the system.
  • We have tested the system again to make sure the over-ride functions works only where we want it to!

So, why all this fuss? Well, there are plenty of reasons.

  • We want our users to be comfortable and our volunteers confident to be able to make your welcome a warm one (literally).
  • We want to control the costs of heating the centre, and by doing so, help keep the charges we have to make to our users as reasonable as possible.
  • We are really keen to do our bit to help reduce our carbon emissions which seems all the more important given the Climate Change Summit gathering in New York this week.

Hopefully we will get it right all the time, but please bear with us as we get this system fully up and running.

Maybe this could be the time for you to revisit how your heating works at home to stay comfortable but also reduce your costs and your carbon emissions?

Oh, and by the way, our Eco-Centres application is in and we wait to hear about the next steps!

Best wishes

Neil Clark

Eco-Team Lead