What a Fun day we had on Monday!

by | 28 Aug, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

There was something for absolutely everyone at our Fun Day.  Even we old curmudgeons had a taste of Mozart and Wagner from the eclectic mix Anna put on to CD to fill the gaps and give verve to the occasion.  But I was happy to cede the sound waves to Megan and Andy:

Megan and Andy

They have a gig at 8pm on 7th September at 8pm at The Old Anchor, Abingdon and if I were you, I’d try to be there.  I think I know real talent when I see it.

In fact, in order to see what was happening at the mike, (I just can’t write mic!) I was compelled to leap up from my excellent chicken Madras, courtesy of Bangla Kitchen . . .

There was delicious curry from Bangla Kitchen

and on my return was joined by  Jenny and Bede with whom I’d corresponded for a while, but never really met:

Jenny and Bede

But they reminded me of the terrific community we have in Dean Court, all keen to get our centre up and running and to contribute skills and bring real joy to people.

There was John Blackie promoting the B4044 Community Path; offering £5 to anyone who could get to the end of the course safely (a bit like walking or cycling along the B4044?) so Parish Council Chairman Brian Stops decided to give it a go:

Rev. Brian Stops, Chairman of the Parish Council, had a go at the Community Path challenge

But he clearly didn’t have the concentration required, unlike DCCA Chair Anna Pearson . . .

But didn't concentrate as hard as Anna . . .

Who negotiated the obstacles successfully . . .

who won £5

. . . and won £5!  Then our DCCCA IT expert Brian had a try:

Brian negotiating the path

And he did it too!

As did Brian

But it certainly wasn’t as easy as getting support for the Community Path project:

Bike Safe got lots of signatures supporting the B4044 Community Path

Next door, there were hard bargains to be driven at the £1 shop:

Driving a hard bargain at the £1 shop

And adorable baby guinea pigs to be petted, carefully overseen by Kirsty:

The guinea pigs' babies had an adoring audience

There was relaxing massage by Esther:

Esther gave relaxing massages

And less relaxing Zumba led by human dynamo George Martini . . .

George Martini got lots of people involved in  Zumba

. . . which was enjoyed by all ages!

Ben doing Zumba

Or if Zumba wasn’t your thing, there were good conversations to be had in the tea tent:

Good converstion in the tea tent

And how lovely to find a restaurant where your hairy friends are welcome!

Sonya and furry friend sat out the Zumba with a nice cup of tea

There was a craft tent where Magdalena helped children make peg dollies and aeroplanes:

Maida in craft workshop

and, whilst in charge of bric-a-brac, Kate demonstrated her multi-tasking skills by making one-size-fits-all hat for winter:

Kate's hats sold well even on such a glorious day

which, having bought one, I can confirm is the case.  (The one-size-fits all bit, that is – and they’re beautifully soft as well.  You’ll probably be able to get one at our winter celebration.)

Kate making hats

And one of the highlights of the day was the Human Fruit Machine, managed by Emma with her glamorous assistant Amanda (out of the picture – sorry!)  The reels in the “machine” were Daniel, Jonny and Adam, and our first winner was Katherine:

Our first winner on the Human Fruit Machine

The final live act was a perfect end to the festivities:  Margaret playing the Paraguayan Harp:

Margaret playing the Parapuayan harp was a perfect end to the day

And after a truly lovely day, some of the team enjoyed more of Bangla Kitchen’s fabulous curry and a glass of wine:

And (some of) the Fun Day team relaxed at the end of the day with Mokbal's fabulous curry and a well-earned glass of wine - or rwo . . .

Well, it may have been two glasses, but by then we reckoned we were oh, so very worth it!