Did you see the Eco-Code?

by | 30 Apr, 2014

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

At the opening weekend earlier this month (yes, it was only earlier this month!) we asked people to comment on our proposed Eco-Code as part of our work towards getting the Eco-Centres award.

Thank you to those that did, but I am also aware that some of you might have not come across it at the weekend. If so, here is your final chance to consider it (please see the foot of this blog) and if you would like to respond to the questions asked, then please drop an email by next Wednesday, 7th May, to deancourtcc@gmail.com .

We’d love to know what you think. I will then let you know the conclusions, and where we go next, which will include starting the process to be assessed for the award!

Thank you very much in anticipation.
Neil Clark
Eco-Team Lead

What is the Eco-Code?
This is about our Centre’s commitment to environmental issues as we work towards the Eco-Centres award. As part of setting the code, we would like to ask people what they think about the draft Eco-Code below.

We want this centre to bring the Dean Court community together and we will use the Eco-Centres scheme to help our community to lead a life that is both healthier and reduces the impact on the environment of this centre and our community. Our priority is to:

• Be efficient in how we use energy
• Promote waste reduction and recycle as much as possible
• Encourage healthy living

We will aim to lead by example. We will encourage, involve and support our users, our community, our staff and volunteers to help us in this journey.

Questions for you to consider
1) Do you like our Eco-Code? Yes / No / Not Sure
2) Please tell us why?
3) Is there anything that you feel is missing or could be said differently?

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To find out more about Eco-Centres, please see www.eco-centres.org.uk