Aching muscles and some cool-looking moves!

by | 22 Apr, 2014

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!


You may have heard about the latest exciting class to start up at Dean Court Community Centre – a brand new Taekwondo club, led by Mark Dempster, black belt.

Fancying myself as the next Jade Jones (despite the fact I already have nearly 10 years on her), I trotted on down to meet Mark and his wife Marie, who also helps to run the class, and have a go for free last Monday evening. I won’t lie, I was initially daunted by the late influx of children just before the class started, all of whom I have babysat, all of whom can do the moves better than me, but fortunately I wasn’t alone in my old-enough-to-have-a-driving-licence status and my good friend Brian, who runs this website, was around too to provide a bit of height in the class. That’s right, Brian’s both tough and techno-brilliant… we have an all-star team at this centre!

The class was loads of fun, I learnt how to block, chop and punch the taekwondo way, and Mark threw in a good session on self-defence at the end, bringing me one step closer to my dream of being a Charlie’s angel, as well as providing me with some nifty moves for if I’m caught in the middle of a bar brawl. Not that I plan on being in a brawl, you understand… I was lucky to work throughout with Marie, who as a black belt in taekwondo herself, was totally unfazed by my malcordinated, flailing limbs and was able to walk me through the moves until I had them down pat and could make a satisfying doof! on the pad.

It goes without saying that of course I am aching a little today, but that’s just the sign of a good workout, right?! Mark and Marie generously offer the first month of their tuition for free, and I will certainly be back for the next class on Monday. I urge you to put it in your diary now and come down and get a taste of a popular sport in which Britain is emerging as a strong contender in the international field of play. There are few opportunities as good as this one to get taught at close range by experts in a beautiful hall with superbly sprung flooring!

6:00pm – 7:00pm, Mondays, Dean Court Community Centre.

Wear joggers and a t-shirt or similar, just bring yourself. All ages welcome. Pick up a flyer in the Community Centre for more info or get in touch with Mark and Marie: 07791669100 or