Day 137: Still uncovering the past

by | 7 Nov, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

Unfortunately, we still can’t have that cheery conversation about the sand, so meanwhile work goes on outside, where Graham has been uncovering more of Dean Court’s past:

Graham, Gordon

and Nick gets rid of the covering layers:


And this won’t give you much of an idea, but I hesitated to ask for a scrubbing brush to get a better view of what has been uncovered:


These are blue, grey and black vinyl or lino tiles that were part of a previous building.  For the past decades they have been covered with tarmac, and it would be good to have an idea of the building that was here.

If you know, or remember the previous structure, or have any old photographs we might copy and return to you  (I am presuming it was an earlier social club building) please get in touch.  It is, after all, part of all our history and we’d love to have a fuller picture of the old Dean Court.