No wonder Jim has his head in his hands . . .

by | 22 Oct, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

DSC00003 crop

. . . all that work up a ladder (and I know he hates heights) putting in the lights for the children’s room:

Lights contrast

and they are the wrong way round!

Fortunately, though, if he goes to Nick’s website on bluemaninc, he can share his problems with Agony Aunt Doris.  I believe she was first  called into service when Nick was working on a big site elsewhere and realised that the workforce had no-one to share their anxieties and problems with.

There shouldn’t be a problem here, though, warm-hearted Site Manager Gordon is always ready with a listening ear, a soothing word, a cuddle and a nice cup of tea.

Oh, the power of the imagination!  I made up the bit about the lights being the wrong way round.  And Jim was actually on the phone.  About Gordon you can make up your own mind.