Days 116, 117: Preparing for action

by | 10 Oct, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

Looking ahead is something that site managers are good at and that some others of us are not good at.  So while I would have been up a ladder when everything was finished, undoing screws and loosening fittings so I could poke a paintbrush underneath, decorator Pablo was in on Tuesday to prepare the ground:


Looking even further ahead, local singers Peter, Claire and Jan were yesterday investigating the possibilities of using the hall for rehearsal space.  A very bright acoustic, Peter reckons.   Alvar Aalto knew a thing or two about sound.


But will there be space to store the risers?  The choir is a popular one, with membership growing all the time, and consequently the need for ever more accommodation for ranks of singers.  The jury is out on that one at present, but how wonderful it would be to hear live music coming from the middle of Pinnocks Way of an evening!

It is probably with a view to musical performance that – guess who is back on the scene?  He was being a bit cagey about posing for a photo, but the machinery for ground work being back on site might give you a clue:


Plus one of those tell-tale trenches:


But the team is looking ahead to an inaugural performance as well.  Nick is keen that the pole is retained for his routine once his costume has the finishing touches, and although Gordon says he will just take the money at the door, one suspects that, just quietly, he is also preparing for something spectacular.

I left them discussing the finer points of the choreography and if I glean any more information I’ll let you know.