Day 132: I think I’ll sit this one out . . .

by | 31 Oct, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

DSC00002No dancing yet, I think.  But with a mind to frivolity, I should tell you that the barbecue was rather good.  Despite Adrian’s misgivings about the heat provided by the pallets, we got a great fire going and if anyone has any pictures to share (Anna?  Emma?) you may be able to see that I could have waited a bit longer before putting the first lot of sausages on.  But, never having been noted for patience, and worried that the heat wouldn’t last, I jumped the gun a bit and some got a little charred.  Daisy Dog was perfectly happy with them next day though.

If anyone would still like any pallets, get in touch.  We didn’t use them all and there are still a couple of good ones available.