Day 127: Telling it how it is

by | 24 Oct, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

This might be a rather longer entry than usual, because I have to warn you of two things: the first one is a disaster on site:

Activity Room 5 light

This is the lighting in the small activity room.  It is truly horrible and I think we deserve better.

To be fair, I think this has to be largely my fault.  But not only mine.  If we had more people willing to get involved on the Management Team, we might have had someone who had the nous to be able to understand what people were talking about at meetings and who could read from the technical drawings and specs what things were going to look like.  So please, think about becoming part of the team and avoid disasters like this happening in future.

Elsewhere on site, things are more harmonious.  Graham and Nick are digging out tarmac along a line beautifully designed to enhance the loo:


Now, about this burn-up with sausage tomorrow evening!  This is how it is:

Adrian of Farmoor has generously offered legs for the oil drum barbecue.  I’m going to pick them up this evening and have a go at drilling and bolting them on either tonight or in the morning, because although Adrian has offered, he couldn’t do it in time for tomorrow evening.  If this is your kind of thing, please come and give me a hand.

Adrian has warned me, however, that barbecuing on pallet wood could be wildly unsuccessful:  the wood won’t burn like the chunky garden wood I barbeque on at home, and the ash will be much finer.

But, having come this far, it is my intention to be down at the fairground at 4pm tomorrow ready to break up pallets and burn them in our new barbeque drum.

It is Anna’s intention to turn up at about 5pm with sausages, ketchup and buns.  If you’d like to come and join in our experiment, that would be fantastic.  Bring whatever you want to drink (or get  beer or wine from the shop) and something to sit on.  And a donation towards the food would be gratefully received.  We would just love to see you.  Anna can talk to you about the new community centre and I won’t, because I will be firemaster and I can’t multi-task.  I will, however, be really delighted to see you.

If the sausages don’t cook, we can go to Plan B:  we take them to my place or someone else’s and cook them there, or to Plan C: you make Anna an offer she can’t refuse and take sausages home.

Just thought I’d lay the cards on the table!