Day 126: Can you see the problem with our oil drum barbecue?

by | 23 Oct, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

Yesterday, Kev of EHS (you remember them?  See Day 119) dropped off the beautifully sliced oil drum for our barbecue.  Perhaps a minute later, he had solved the problem of how to support it:

Oil drum barbecue

So the answer to my question – which was an unfair one unless you have been to my place (those bricks usually support the barbeque I rescued from a skip ages ago) is that it’s in the wrong place.

How can we support the drum down at our fairground, next to the community centre site, without taking all the bricks as well?


I asked you this question a while ago, suggesting things like old chair frames,  abandoned shopping trolleys, wheelbarrows etc, but so far no one has come up with the definitive plan – and, even more important – the offer to help me build it.  For nothing.  That’s why I suggested looking on fly-tipping sites or taking a fresh look at that pile of stuff at the bottom of your garden that you haven’t yet got round to taking to the dump.

There will be a prize for the best practical suggestion – and for helping me construct it (or for constructing it yourself if you want to: I do try not to monopolise all the fun jobs) so get thinking and get in touch.  We will probably be doing the burn-up with sausages this Friday, weather permitting.

So please get in touch. Right now would be good.