Day 119: Now I’d like you to meet Nick Stafford:

by | 14 Oct, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!


Nick runs EHS (Electrical Hire and Sales) of Eynsham:, phone 01865 881 851.  This is probably the best tool hire company I have ever come across.  Not only does EHS (in business for over 30 years) give fantastic service and advice on plant hire and tools, they are hereby voted (by me) the company least likely to patronise women customers.  The secret?  Probably an integral part of the company: Nick’s daughters Louise and Natalie.

Nick has also offered to find us an oil drum and cut it down to make our barbecue for the burn-up with sausages on (weather permitting) Friday 25th – that’s next week so put it in your diaries now!  And meanwhile, please be thinking about how we might make a safe and sturdy support for the drum.  I’ve looked on the web, but all suggestions seem to start with angle iron and welding gear.  My feeling is that we can probably do something with some scrap from someone’s garden or something from a fly-tipping site near you.

Ideally, too, it should be portable: something we might wheel away after the event to a safe place off Sovereign’s land (aka our fairground!) which is a right of way to the playground.

Think hard please and get in touch with ideas!