Day 118: Now it can rain . . .

by | 11 Oct, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

. . . and the water can drain away into its designated place.  Or at least, I think it can.  I was so pleased with the new plastic guttering (I’m glad now that it is black instead of yellow or blue – it looks a lot smarter) that I forgot to look at the bottom of the down pipes.  This is the front of the building:


And this is the back, outside the children’s room:


Meanwhile, inside, Floyd is wielding pretty basic tools with his usual skill:

DSC00012 crop

And I understand he does wedding cakes as well.

Actually, I made that up, but when the plaster is handed up to him on a platter it does look like the most mouth-watering coffee icing:

icingAnd apart from the good looks, lovely smiles and extraordinary transferable skills,  what I love about Floyd and his team is the way they keep their working space so immaculate:


So all together now, kids: “A tidy space is . . . ! “