Day 114: Can you picture playing Scrabble here?

by | 7 Oct, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!


This is the small activity room at the front of the building.  Just privately, I have it earmarked for the Scrabble Club meetings.  It’s opposite the corridor for the loos (you can see them on the left) but you don’t have to nip out to have a surreptitious look at the list of two-letter words you have secreted up your sleeve, because we consult lists, dictionaries and fellow players constantly.  We take more pleasure in using words and getting a good all-over game score than in making a killing.  Or maybe they are all just humouring me . . .

Whatever your plans for this or any of the other rooms in the Community Centre, get in touch via the website and pencil in your bookings.  Or give me a ring on 01865 863 189.  We will be having a grand opening in April 2014, but we will be using it before then – just to get the hang of the building and how it works so there are no surprises in store.

A list of room hire rates is about to appear on the site any time now – right, Anna?