Day 108: These little things all add up to make a great building.

by | 27 Sep, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

While there were bits of scaffolding all over, it was easy to miss little things that happened: for instance, when the Kingspan roof went in over the new youth room on the western extension, I didn’t notice the plastic guttering that was an integral part of the fitting:

Guttering on new western extension

And, inside, with the plasterers moving bits of scaffolding to do different heights of the ceiling, parts of the arches are revealed:

the arches partly revealed

While I can’t wait to see the whole hall opened up, it’s  actually rather nice to just get glimpses here and there.

And I hadn’t noticed until now the window sills in the main hall:

Window sills in main hall

And in the children’s room:

Window sills in Children's room crop

And now, if you remember, it’s Pimms Day.  I wonder if Graham, wherever he is, is keeping up the tradition?  And is he still following the blog?  It would be nice to know!