Day 107: Loadsa work going on and it’s still tidy!

by | 26 Sep, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

Which just goes to show that one can achieve more amidst order than amidst chaos.  So I’m just going to take a minute to tidy my desk . . .

Tidy lobby looking into hall

. . . then show you what is happening overhead:

Insulation in lobby roof

That big fat insulation is being jammed into every available space in order to make our centre energy efficient and to reduce our heating bills.  Here we are looking at the entrance lobby, but yesterday they were working overhead in the main hall, insulating the space above the Alvar Aalto-inspired arches.

Trying to find the correct architectural term for them, I came across this picture of an Aalto-designed church in Germany:

I still don’t know the correct architectural term, but what a fantastic building!

I didn’t actually get my desk tidied, and any time now that obsessive streak is going to strike – but I think you’ll see now how easily I get distracted, and why stuff like desk tidying just never happens.