Day 102: Sausages about here, I reckon . . .

by | 19 Sep, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

Justin on Sovereign ground

Meet Justin Andrewes.  He is Sovereign’s Community Investment Coordinator for Oxfordshire and borders and he is very excited about our new community centre.  He likes the idea of our bonfire with sausages, but on further reflection, we decided that maybe “bonfire” sounds a bit big for cooking sausages on, so we have been discussing ways of making a community-sized fire pit from an oil drum.  If you happen to have one – or know where we could get one – please get in touch!

And because there will be times when a fire pit won’t really be the right solution, Shane is putting windows into the new kitchen:

Shane at front window cropped

Actually, I think that might be the office, but we’ll call it the kitchen so that the script will have some continuity.  And the windows have already been fitted in the youth room, but we’re only allowed to peer in from outside:

Justin at Youth Room window

Of course, now that I have suggested we burn the pallets, Anna has come up with a website that has some brilliant ideas for using them:

Do have a look.  It’s inspirational.  And if building things from pallets is something you’d like to get involved in, you should get in touch.  Our Eco Centre co-ordinator, Neil, could do with your help!  Or if you’d like to get involved in any other way, leave your details on the website.  It would be great to hear from you.