Day 100: Into Battle with Cake!

by | 17 Sep, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

It is a truth universally acknowledged (well, acknowledged within DCCA) that a man fortified with chocolate cake is a man ready to sally forth and do battle.

So while Paul of Weather Break is pondering the measurements of the high level window spaces  . . .

DSC00006 Paul measuring cropped

. . . and drilling them into submission:

DSC00010 Paul drilling cropped

Nick is being Mother with the very fine chocolate cake made by my old friend Mr Sainsbury:


And no doubt the problems about which I cannot speak just yet (“Don’t mention the War!”) are at this very moment being pondered and discussed at the highest level.  And at the highest level may they remain, because they’re not half as interesting as being on the ground.  Near the chocolate cake.