Day 85: Yes, you made this space sing for us! (Thank you!)

by | 27 Aug, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

Thanks especially to Neil and to Samuel, who were up at the crack of dawn hoeing and clearing our fairground:

The cleaned fairground

And thanks to all of those who turned up before the event to hone it to perfection; also to Jon who tidied the outside on Sunday evening.  What a difference it made!  And if I hadn’t been so dumbfounded when I got back from collecting tables I would have remembered to take a picture of you all at work.

A full report of the day will follow.

Today, though, it’s back to work for the team on the construction site.  The roof insulation is going in, a job not entirely relished by G-man1, who, to conform with H&S regulations is  required to wear safety helmet, goggles, face mask, underwater diving suit with wellingtons . . . well, you get the picture.   Weather Break surveyor Bob, though, is very impressed with the quality of the insulation:

Bob of Weather Break admires our insulation

We reckon it’s about 120mm (that’s 6″ in the old money) and will mean that the building is a lot better insulated than the old social club was.

Bob under insulation from the ground

It also means it’s nice and clean for Bob to work under whilst measuring up for the new north-facing windows.

What a building this is going to be!