Day 83: A warm welcome from the G-Men!

by | 23 Aug, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

DSC00005 brighter 3

Well, you might not be able to read it from the gate, but this is a message from Gordon:  “Please knock and wait.”  It’s only good manners, really, because it seems that the G-men will be staying over for the weekend, not wanting to miss Monday’s Fun Day.  You’ll recognise them:  Nick from his various pictures on the blog and Gordon because the back of his hi-vis jacket reads “G-men 1”

The scaffolders won’t be staying over, but they have been tidying up in readiness:



And they kindly held the tape while I measured up the ground for the big day.  It’s going to be a challenge fitting in all the exciting activities, but we’ll handle it.

See you there!