Day 49: Nice knitting, Team!

by | 5 Jul, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!


These are the window openings from the main hall looking into the playground.  Two of the lintels are installed (on the outer two openings) and the block work has (I think) been completed on the one far left.  Had I kept my cool instead of getting so excited about it all, I would have taken a picture of the superb knitting (sorry, stitching!) of brickwork on the outside wall.  But here is an idea of how the new community centre will look from the playground:


There were many reasons we decided to put windows along that blank wall: it will look more welcoming; it will let the sunshine from the south into the hall; it will allow the playground to be informally supervised by parents and it will be reassuring for little children in the playground to be able to see Mum having a cup of coffee whilst within hailing distance.  A demonstration of faith.

Kia Mataara!