A message for the Botley Boyz

by | 8 Jul, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

The new youth room at the community centre will be a fantastic asset to the young people of Dean Court.  Or it would be.  Because it’s not too late to pull the plug on the whole project.

Again, over the weekend, there was unlawful encroachment on to the site.  Not a  lot of damage done and therefore, you may think, not a big deal.  Hell, we were all kids once and if you were anything like as obnoxious as I was, you will know that the search for adventure is a powerful magnet.  Plus that delicious sense of danger and the feeling that you are invincible and don’t give a damn for authority.

But the community centre will be a fantastic place for parties.  A lot better than the present one:


Add to that the fact that this one will not be available anyway.  Because either this community centre gets built without all the trouble and expense the management team, the construction company and the police are being lumbered with or we walk away and leave the site for the council to reclaim and the demolition team moves in.

It’s your choice.