Kia Mataara!

by | 18 Jun, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

In case you don’t speak Maori, I can tell you that that means “Be Vigilant!” and it was my school motto.  It also translated, according to my brother and his waggish friends, as “Watch your back!”

I can also tell you that it was a bit unfair of me to describe Gordon as grumpy.  He has a very fair point to make: that much as we may enjoy reading (and writing) this blog, it is accessible to everyone – and that could well include villains who prey on building sites.

Luckily, our new building is overlooked by residents on all  sides, so it may seem unlikely that it would be targeted by thieves, but remember that we did lose the timber for our planters, and every loss is a loss to our community – and will have to be paid for by us somehow.  So please, keep an eye out from your back bedroom or whatever room has a view of the site and dial 999 to report ANY out of hours encroachment.  And please ask your neighbours to do likewise.


This cheery little face is looking in from the playground behind the centre, which will be visible once the windows on the south side are inserted. And although it is yet again a dreary morning and all the children are at school, let me just show you (below) how successful the grass planting through the plastic grid has been despite the drought the year it was completed (and, by the way, thank you, Cllr Judy Roberts! This super playground is a tribute to the indefatigable efforts of you and Parish Clerk Jacqui Bock) :


And before we part, let me just show you the latest work on the children’s room from the little south-facing courtyard opposite the playground:


Our community building will be something to be really proud of.  And we are very, very lucky to have such a fine team working on it. So please, help to keep it safe.  Kia mataara!