Day 43: Dave doesn’t do knitting!

by | 27 Jun, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

I got it wrong.  Dave does needlepoint, not knitting.   So I shall go back through the old posts and change the terminology before submitting the record of our building to the Bodleian library.  I also got the size of the pipes wrong – because who needs a 6″ loo pipe when a 4″ would do?

But it’s good that Graham’s multi-faith prayers were answered, because with the scaffolding in place, the bricks can be brought up ready for work to continue.  This is looking from the kitchen servery across the children’s room:


And the interior spaces meanwhile continue to be defined, with lintels installed and doorways tidied up:


From the front of the building, we are looking across the front entrance to a small room we hope will be suitable for the police to use.  That’s the door on the right. The one to the left leads to the loos (with the 4″ pipes!) and to the youth room.

It is all looking fantastic.  But are you perhaps wondering what has happened to Gordon?

I think I may have mentioned that he can come across as a bit grumpy? I didn’t know at the time how bad it could be . . .

On Friday morning in the office he was shouting down the phone, and on my arrival he stormed into the inner office with it. There was much ranting and raving interspersed with threats to resign while the team in the outer office quietly drank their tea and ate their sandwiches.  Clearly, they had seen all this before.  But I was really worried when he didn’t turn up on Monday.  Dave said, apparently unconcerned, that he had probably “not been taking his medication” and had disappeared before for weeks on end – “He even went to Australia once.”   So I was imagining our job grinding to a halt and a psychotic bloke at large on an aeroplane . . .

OK,  I’m terribly gullible and the joke is on me.  But even when he is back from his fortnight’s holiday in the sun, I’m darned well going to continue monitoring this build!