Day 39: No Pimms this Friday!

by | 21 Jun, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

Alas, it’s raining and not really the sort of day one lounges about on a wheelbarrow with a glass of Pimms.  But our fantastic team soldiers on.  The interior spaces continue to be defined, like the bulk storage room (you can never have too much storage space) and Activity Room 4.  These two rooms comprise the new west wing, filling in the no-man’s land that used to gather old furniture, crisp packets and brambles:


This is where the Community Action group (CAG) used to store its Swap Shop stock until someone “broke” into the shaky lean-to and stole stuff that he would have been welcome to take for free had he just waited until Saturday . . .

DSC00010 cropped

And I know I do tend to harp on about this children’s room, but being just across the path from the playground could you imagine a more perfect place for parties for small people?  When the building is in use we will have to make a concerted effort to keep that path clear of rubbish and broken glass, so get in touch if you’ve always meant to join the CAG but never quite got round to it!