Day 38: How Dean Court Social Club will forever be part of Oxfordshire

by | 20 Jun, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

I got it wrong yesterday.  Sorry.  If you ever use the recycling site at Stanton Harcourt you will know that rubble and soil do not go to landfill – stuff like that is re-used for landscaping projects.  This is what goes to landfill:

Dix Pit Landfill site 18.6.13014

But if the sight of a lorry vomiting (honestly – that’s the word that hits you)  its load of hard-compacted non-recyclable waste is not to your taste (sorry!) then this may make you feel better.  Following gravel extraction, the pits are filled either with our detritus or with water and the surrounding area is landscaped.  The end product can be this tranquil Stanton Harcourt scene:

Dix Pit Landfill site 18.6.13020

Meanwhile, back at our new building the internal walls are going up and the spaces have a really friendly feel to them.  This is the children’s room:


If you look below the wall to the left you will see a demarcation line where the old lounge ended.  The proportion is much squarer than it was.

And the joke is on me, but this really had me wound up for a moment:


“There is a change to the plan”, said Gordon, straight-faced.  “There has to be a new path down behind the building with a full-length door in it to conform with safety regulations . . .”

I dread to think what they’d come up with on April Fools’ Day!