Day 34: What every kitchen needs is a wheelbarrow!

by | 14 Jun, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!


Well, perhaps every home needs a wheelbarrow. But once happily ensconced in the new building, we might have to find somewhere else to keep ours. This, though, will be the new kitchen, with the main hall off to the right of the picture.


And looking back into the kitchen from the children’s room you will be able to be served with your tea and biscuits from this bar.  When the room is in use on social occasions by other groups, you may even be served a pint or a G&T here.


And this is where you will be drinking it in comfort when the children’s room is in use by grown-ups.  The new space is of very pleasing proportions: wider than the old lounge and with more light from windows on two sides.

The building team is making a fantastic job of our project and they may secretly wish I could make something besides my mother’s shortbread recipe to show our appreciation.  A variation would doubtless be welcome!