Day 30: The Children’s Room is laid out.

by | 10 Jun, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

Once the concrete has been poured, the full size of the new Children’s Room is apparent.  This will be a lovely, light room opening out on to a sunny little courtyard just across the public footpath from the playground.

Day 30002

The space up the side will lead straight to the courtyard and will be wide enough for a wheelchair and a double buggy (though not at the same time).

Looking at the pipes for incoming clean water and outgoing foul drainage, it is now clear to see (though not photogenic) where the pipes go.

Day 30005

This makes it clear that the overflowing drains that used to be a feature of the road outside the garages was nothing to do with the old building and neither would it be relevant to the new.  There will be a new stopcock specifically for the community centre which will make for easier access in future.