Day 29: Friday? It must be Pimms Day!

by | 7 Jun, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

“It should be more interesting from next week,” says Gordon, “When we’ve finished with the drainage.”  But call me obsessive if you like (you won’t be the first) it is really interesting seeing the basics of how a building is actually going to work for its users. And you can’t get much more basic than drains.

So here is preparatory work undertaken by Gordon on the main toilet area:

Day 29009

And outside to the left of the top picture, Graham and Nick are uncovering and removing the old pitch fibre pipe, and replacing it with plastic . . .

Day 29005

. . . whilst keeping abreast of the spoil.  You can appreciate how important it must be to have a well-organised site when you see a professional team at work – there are clear paths to every work area so no messing about getting stuff out of the way.  Deeply impressive to an obsessive.

Day 29002

And oh – did I mention it was Friday?  At 10am Nick, as the new boy, is inside the site office mixing the Pimms. And outside, you realise why modern wheelbarrows don’t have those sharp corners any more.

Day 29011 cropped