Day 26: The mood is still sombre after the weekend’s theft.

by | 4 Jun, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

In fact, even more sombre – maybe because it was hard to sleep for wondering what kind  of low life would steal from a project specifically designed to be of benefit to the whole community.  The proposed wildflower planters would have given a new lease of life to the sound parts of the old building, bringing together the old and the new (and therefore old and new residents) in a symbolic gesture.

But the crime has been reported and now I’m just going to spend a half hour while the building team is on a break wandering around and learning how our building is being constructed.

Yesterday, Gordon was understandably a bit short with me when I wondered if all of the block work on the western wall could be up by the end of the day.  What I failed to appreciate, he pointed out, is that a building is a process, taking place in phases.  And I’m very glad they didn’t do it my way, or else I can now see that we would have had a very dodgy building indeed, with no way of tying the walls together.  So here is a picture showing what I mean (sorry if you know about buildings!):


The block work is pretty much up to floor level now, which means that the floor can soon be laid and the walls can start to grow.