Day 25: Site thieves manage to spoil the party mood

by | 3 Jun, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

Over the weekend thieves entered the site and stole the timbers we had been saving for planters.  May we ask anyone who overlooks the site to please keep an eye out for anyone entering the site outside working hours and to phone the police if they see anything?  Theft from building sites may seem a victimless crime, but it isn’t.  It puts the site team under a lot of stress and we can only hope it doesn’t make them feel that our community is not worth helping.  As for the management team . . . well, I don’t think I can tell you how disappointing this is.

But the work goes on. Today, the block work for the western extension was begun

Day 26003

and as we speak the team are working on that for the front of the building.  So while Stuart mixes and delivers the concrete,

Day 26033

Graham offers Nick advice on how he might have overlooked that bit just down there . . .

Day 26022