Day 15: Yes, Ian is impressed too!

by | 17 May, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

Surveyor Ian of Cluttons is as impressed as I am with Gordon’s site management and with the straight lines of Graham’s digging (see yesterday’s post). Gordon kind of snorts when I mention stuff like this, which makes me feel a bit like a girlie, so I’m glad Ian has noticed it too.  In fact, I have the feeling that our G-men could probably put up the whole building.


The grabber came this morning to pick up clay spoil for landfill.  There will be a separate collection for the gypsum plaster which is still being hacked off.  But what a difference this has made to the inside of the building!  Even on a dull morning such as this, the space suddenly seems filled with light:


So why are my pics of the team discussing placement of the new windows facing the playground not sharper?  Sorry, but you don’t win them all!