Day 24: Could there be a new career for Graham?

by | 31 May, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

As Graham picks away at the old foundations on the north side, Gordon seems to be giving advice (I’m making this up because I like a good story)



and in the time-honoured tradition of peace-maker, Nick puts the kettle on (No, they’re not always having tea  – it’s just the safest time of morning for me to go down and you don’t argue with Gordon.)


So while the action is on hold, and having undertaken to follow safety instructions to the letter on pain of banishment from the site, I have the chance to see that some insulation material has been delivered (it’s inside the hall)


And, on the western front, the windows of the old youth room have been filled in to complete a wall between the new youth room and the new storage room:


The shuttering bottom right of the picture is the channel for new drainage, which will replace pitch-fibre pipe. Pitch fibre was a wonder material at the time of use in the 1950s which has not, alas, lived up to its early promise.  Replacement will forestall possible problems in the future.

And did you want to know the result of my little fantasy? Well, Graham, feeling his skills were not appreciated, has stormed out leaving the drill on auto-pilot. He is going to enrol in dentistry school.