Day 23: No, I wasn’t checking up – honest!

by | 30 May, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

As the block foundations go in for the outside east wall, I was caught with a tape measure, trying to work out where the brickwork began.  But now I know.  A skin of bricks goes on top of the outside layer of concrete blocks.  Inside that comes the insulation, and inside that will be a skin of Celcon blocks – or breeze blocks to those of a certain generation.  This is intended to be the Children’s Room and will be a lot better insulated than the lounge in the old building – and, as you can see, quite a lot wider.


There was no problem at all (apart from the aesthetic) with that wobbly looking pile of blocks yesterday – they have been inserted very neatly into the wall between the main hall and the youth room.


And, Graham, needing recovery time from the very idea of my checking up on the measurements, calls Nick away from the trenches for morning tea break.