Day 21: Now that the rain has started, let’s start building!

by | 28 May, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

On a day like this, working in steady rain as materials arrive and concrete is being poured, I suspect that Gordon and Graham won’t agree with me that there is nothing quite so exciting as seeing a building going up.  But the concrete was there at about 6.30 this morning and the G-men . . . well, I don’t know what time they were there, but by 8am work was in full swing.


The days of major concrete mixing on site are well gone, which must help to keep the work area manageable.  Pre-mixed concrete arrives churning away on a lorry ready to be poured like molten lava into the trenches.


Once poured, it is coaxed into the right place by the G-men Graham (above) and Gordon (lower pic). It will take just a couple of days to harden and then . . .


. . . we might begin to see some of these blocks going up.


I’m still hoping to be called in to help, but am being kept very firmly in my place (off the site) by Gordon.  Rats.