Day 11: Digging footings for the western extension

by | 13 May, 2013

Updates on what’s happening at Dean Court!

Day 11 13.5.13 002

Today the digging started for the footings for the new western extension. This will eliminate the “No-man’s Land” outside the Youth Room and the old toilets.    Building out to the boundary will give adjoining houses on Pinnocks Way a tidy brick wall at the end of the garden rather than the previous tangle of old post and wire fencing and brambles that acted as a magnet for kids in search of adventure and trapped old bottles and crisp packets.

Day 11 13.5.13006

When work starts inside the building the low ceiling of the youth room will be demolished and opened up to offer a lighter room with the ceiling following the line of the pitched roof.

Can you help by offering (temporarily!) a bit of outdoor space to store the roofing timbers?

The ceiling joists from the old building are in good condition and would make excellent planters for growing vegetables or wildflowers.  But the site is a limited one and all available space will soon be used up by materials, meaning that Gordon will have to rationalise its use.  This means getting rid of anything not immediately of use.

Could you  store these for the next few months?