Can you help?

Here in Dean Court, we’re all about growing our community. There are lots of ways that we try to do that, like hosting breakfasts, providing a venue for clubs and classes, and holding events to gather the community for special events. We hope that through it all, we help people to become friends, to build a stronger and better community for the future. We want Dean Court Community Association to be something that lasts. so we’re asking for your help.
Read on below to find out more or just click the button to make a donation…

There are two problems facing us at the moment; one global, huge problem in the form of the climate emergency, and one local, specific problem – our roof leaks whenever it’s windy and rainy at the same time (thanks, British weather!)

Fortunately, we have a solution! There is something we can do about both of them, at the same time… “Tell me more!” I hear you cry. Well…

What’s the big idea…?

We are planning an ambitious project to replace the roof over the main hall AND install a solar PV system at the same time.
In addition to this, we will make sure we have all the technology to make best use of the electricity we generate, including LED lights to keep our energy use down, and the installation of two Electric Vehicle charging points in our carpark, to encourage green means of travel.
Finally, while  we’re knocking things down and putting up new things, we are also planning to knock down the wall next to the hall and put a gate to the playground in it.

Isn’t the roof only 6 years old though?!

Well thanks for noticing our youthful good looks! When we were planning the rebuild following the fire in 2011, we had a limited budget and could afford to invest in either a semi-sprung, state of the art dance floor, or a super-duper, long-lasting roof… What can we say? We like dancing! We know that lots of groups have made great use of our fabulous floor, and we hope you’ll agree that the time has come to embark on a much more exciting and extensive project than just a plain old roof.

Can’t you get external funding for solar projects?

Indeed you can! And our plan is very much to apply for funding – the whole project will cost in the region of £90,000. However, most funders ask us (not unreasonably) to come up with some of the money ourselves, to prove that we are a credible project worth investing in, so we are aiming to raise £15,000. We already know that we are part of an in-credible community and so we’re inviting you to join us to prove how brilliant and well-supported this project is by donating what you can.

£15,000?! I’ve barely got £15 to spare… 

Where would the fun be if the whole £15,000 came from one person?! This is a community project and we’d love to get the whole community involved! Could you contribute £2, the cost of a roof tile? In fact, if you can stretch to 4 roof tiles, the good news is that the government can chip in and give us another one for free! Read on…

Roof tiles: £2 each

Arguably the most important part of the project, we need 700 of these to stop the rain from coming in and to give us something to attach everything else to!

LED lights: £50 each

If you can stretch a bit further, could you consider contributing to one of the 50 LED lights we are trying to kit the centre out with? Help us be efficient!

Solar panels: £250 each

Feeling generous? Want to make a lasting and crucial contribution to our community? Invest in a Solar PV Cell or two; we’re trying to fund 40.

Thank you

However you choose to give, thank you for being involved with our community. You are making life better for everyone!