The centre has been awarded (October 2014) the Eco-Centres award! The award recognises our commitment to improving the environmental impact of the centre and for sharing our learning with community. Please see for more information.


As part of this award, we have what is called an Eco-Code:


We want this centre to bring the Dean Court Community together and we will use the Eco-Centres scheme to help our community lead a life that is both healthier and reduces the impact on the environment of this centre and our community.

Our priority is to:

  • Be efficient in how we use energy
  • Promote waste reduction and recycle as much as possible
  • Encourage health living

We will aim to lead by example. We will encourage, involve and support our users, our community, our staff and volunteers to help us in this journey.

Our work and our journey towards the Eco-Centres award is led by our Eco-Team of local residents;

  • Neil Clark (Eco-Team Lead)
  • Naomi Sharland
  • Emma Bartlett
  • Giorgio Bagordo

We have two noticeboards set up at the Centre. One is in the entrance lobby, and one in the Orange Room. Please do take a look at these for lots more information and regular updates. Please also consider what additional actions you can take at home, such as saving energy, recycling more, and living a healthy life.

We will soon be finishing our first year of working to the Eco-Centres scheme. In our first year our focus areas were energy (compulsory), waste, and healthy living (see our Eco-Code above). Do you have any ideas about what we should include in year two?

You can get in touch with ideas or comments by:

  • emailing us at
  • drop us a note in the letter box in the porch area.



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