Like all the best desserts, there is a warm centre at the heart of the Dean Court Community Association, and that’s our lovely team who make everything happen! We are a happy and busy bunch who love Dean Court and are always pleased to make new friends, so if you’re new to the area or fancy getting involved with the Centre (however long you’ve lived here!) then please come along to one of our meetings!

There’s usually wine, there’s often cake and there’s always laughter!

There are also special events throughout the year that extra help is always welcome at – follow this blog for details!


What does the team do?

The team exists both to run the Community Centre and in so doing, to help community to grow in Dean Court. To this end, we often put on special events during the year like Christmas carols and Summer Fundays.

What does the team need help with?

Almost anything! While we are a very capable bunch, there’s always room for more – many hands make light work! You can see some of the roles we take on in our blog posts: cleaning, dealing with customers, writing blog posts, running events, odd jobs, admin… if you can think of it, we’ll probably need help with it!

How can I join in?

Easy! Turn up to a meeting, call us and leave a message (01865 236160), or fill in the form below. We’ll always be glad to hear from you.


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