It’s the second Sunday of the month this weekend and that can only mean coffee, bacon, toast, juice and eggs with slightly confused service but totally amazing company. Come along and say hi for a drink or breakfast with no washing up.

If you like washing up though do feel free to help out. Volunteers aged 13+ always welcome for anything from an hour to the whole session.

Looking forward to seeing you. If you’re taking part in the Spring Clear Up then your drinks and anything else we can rustle up will be on the house!


the Brunch team


The power of Fairtrade

As you sip your cup of tea did you know that we are currently in the middle of Fairtrade fortnight? This is an annual campaign to raise awareness of what Fairtrade means and the power we all have to make a difference in the lives of the people that bring us our tea, coffee and chocolate among many other things.

70% of the world’s food is produced by 500 million smallholder farmers[1] yet many of them remain trapped in chronic poverty while shoppers enjoy the fruits of their labour. Fairtrade ensures farmers across the developing world receive a fairer price for their work, as well as an additional Fairtrade Premium, used by farmers and workers to invest in their communities.

MARK - colour small

For more information please search for ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ on the internet and please consider if you can make a change for Fairtrade this year by looking out for the logo when you next go shopping.

And as we start to consider our year 2 Eco-Centres action plan we will be including an action to formalise what we can do at the centre to make better buying decisions. We already do lots from using recycled paper and some Fairtrade items, but we want to formalise and embed these and other choices in to what we do.

Look out for more in the coming couple of months and in the meantime treat yourself to a nice bar of Fairtrade chocolate!

Best wishes


Eco-Team Lead

[1]Powering up smallholder farmers to make food fair, February 2013 (page 12) from ETC Group, Who Will Feed Us?: Questions for the food and climate crises, November 2009, p.1

#GiveMe5 – Today!

If you read this any time before midnight on Wednesday, and can find it in your heart (and your wallet!) to give £5 to DCCA, we would be massively grateful. There is the chance that your donation will be doubled to make it worth £10 to us at no extra cost to yourself!

Click here to donate £5 to DCCA

Only donations of £5 made on Wed 25th February will be counted, so if you want to give more, make more than one donation!

give me 5

If you have a Twitter account or a Facebook account, could you consider sharing this too to help spread the message?!

All your support is valuable to us – together we’re helping an awesome community to grow. Thank you very very much!


Could you spare us a fiver?

We are so grateful for all the support we get, whether it’s through turning up to events, helping to run a stall, spreading the word about our fantastic facilities or meeting together to decide the future of our Community Association. Now we’re asking whether you could consider supporting us in another way – with your cash!

give me 5

Our fundraising buddies,, are running a match funding day called GiveMe5 tomorrow, Wed 25th February. Any donation of £5 through our LocalGiving page that day ( could be doubled to £10! We can also claim gift aid on donations, which means that your fiver could be worth over £11 to us, at no extra cost to yourself. Surely worth a moment of your time?

Click here to #GiveMe5!
Thank you for your kindness and generosity.


Here’s the key info for the detail enthusiasts:

Start date & time: Wednesday 25th February at 00:00:00
End date & time: Wednesday 25th February at 23:59:59
Conditions of entry: Each £5 donation made to DCCA through Localgiving between the promotion start and end will be placed into a draw to be doubled with an extra £5 of match funding. Donations of other amounts will not be included in the draw. The promotion only applies to one-time donations.
Number of donations matched: 1000 x £5 donations will be matched as part of this promotion.
Charity & supporter limits: Donors may make as many £5 donations during the promotion as they wish and there is no limit to the amount of match funding any single group may receive.
Region: All UK
Any money we raise will go towards our aim of growing community in Dean Court. This could look like funds to start an older folks coffee morning, or new equipment for the centre, or money towards salaries for new posts like a families worker. Whatever it is, you can be assured it will benefit our community and you’re always welcome at our AGM to find out how we spent it all!

New year (green) resolutions

It’s a time of resolutions for some, and last week my wife and I did what we call our annual ‘planning’. It’s not as grand as it sounds, but it did involve cake, and often invokes a little chuckle from friends! One aspect we always consider is what we can do next in terms of ethical, eco, or environmental issues. In the past this has included things like buying more local or organic food, changing our electricity to a ‘green’ provider, or moving an ISA to a more ‘ethical’ bank.

This year one of the things we decided to do was to aim to have no meat for main meals two days a week. This is for both health and environmental reasons (search for ‘meat free Mondays’ on the web for more ideas and information). Indeed, tonight I cooked a vegetarian quiche with mushrooms and home grown parsnips and carrots.


So, have you considered this new-year as an opportunity to make one change in your house? Although our individual actions appear small, when millions also make a change, and do so every year, it soon adds up.

Finally, following our successful Eco-Centres award last October, in the next couple of months the Eco-Team will also consider what our next Action Plan might contain. In the first year it focussed mainly on energy, waste and healthy living. If you have any thoughts or can help out, then please do get in touch.

Best wishes for a happy and well new year to you all,



Welcome to the Dean Court IT Crowd


The Community Centre is now the proud owner of a fantastic ICT installation sponsored by Sovereign Housing.  We have sufficient resources to support the development of ICT skills in the community but we need your help in a number of areas.

We are therefore holding an evening on the 23rd of January for anyone who is interested in marketing and promoting the use of the ICT equipment or in helping maintain and support the ICT infrastructure.  If you are keen on promoting digital skills amongst the community through becoming a Digital Champion (supported by Sovereign) or if you yourself have a skill in an area such as systems administration, networking or PC support then we would love to see you there.

During the evening we will be discussing how we can achieve the best possible use of the ICT equipment and promote it in the community.  The evening will begin at 7:30 and will last until 8:30 and tea and coffee will be available.

Brunch time! Can we help you with your new year’s resolutions?

This Sunday (that’s the 11th) is the next Community Cafe opening with all the usual food and food.

We can even help with your new year’s resolutions (provided that you’ve resolved to do one, more or all of these)

– get to know your neighbours

– drink more coffee

– spend more time as a family

– spend less time as a family

– support great local causes (all money we make goes towards community activities)

– read more newspapers

– take up jogging (well you’ll need a bacon bap after that exercise)

We’ll be here and cooking away between 9 and 11.30. Come and say hi!

Chipmunk not provided


Can you help decorate our Christmas Tree?


As you can see, we need some help with our Christmas tree…


We hope that our Sunday brunchers will help us figure out how to put it together, so if you’re good with these things, or have got in some practice already this Christmas, please come along on Sunday and help! 9am – 11:30am for a lovely bacon buttie and a cup of coffee.


Since this is also our first Christmas in the Community Centre, we have the opportunity to create some Christmas traditions! In true Community style, we’d love to gather Christmas decorations for our tree from all around Dean Court… Could you make something to make our tree Christmassy? We’d love contributions from everyone, young or old, crafty or (like me) clunky… there will be opportunities to make things at the brunch and the Christmas tree will be open to all additions from this Sunday onwards. Bonus points for including the Dean Court turquoise in your decoration!


Finally don’t forget… Christmas carols on Pinnocks green, Friday 19th Dec 6pm, followed by mince pies in the Community Centre after (and a chance to admire the Christmas tree!).



How Clean is your House?!

If you groaned and went, “It’s terrible!” while all your friends who visit constantly congratulate you on the state of your home, you may be the kind of person we’re looking for. If you groaned and all your friends groan too, then you’re probably not. There’s other jobs for you.

We are looking to add to the raft of friendly locals who help make the Community Centre lovely with some top notch cleaning power. We have some money available to pay someone for the next few months (and hopefully beyond that, subject to grant confirmation!). We are looking for someone who could spend two hours a week cleaning the centre and occasionally be available for extra work. You’ll need to have proven experience and a couple of references that can tell us what a great person you are and how good your work is.


(* Please note this picture does not indicate our expectations of who will fill the role. DCCA is an equal opportunities employer and people of all hair colours and none are welcome to apply.)

If you’re interested, or you know someone who might be, please get in touch! We’re keen to get someone going as soon as possible. Call our lovely Centre Administrator Rachael on 01865 236160 or (better still) e-mail us on


Here’s the picture!


Although I did attach the picture as a ‘featured image’, I did not realise that those that get the email blog update would not see it. You will see it on the website, but as an extra bonus here it is below, I promise.


And, I have learnt something new!