Are you feeling cold, warm, or hot?!

I went for a run one evening this week after a day sat at my computer. It was a good run but it was the first of the year when I put on my woolly gloves and hat. It’s quite a sight believe me!

So it seems the cold is definitely here now and so I thought I would update you on how we are operating the heating at the centre.

The main news is that all bookings will be timed in to the programmers so that the heating will come on automatically before your session starts. Rachael, our wonderful administrator, will be checking the timings every week and making sure the heaters themselves are on and set to level 5 or just above. This should be comfortable for most, but not necessarily all, sessions.

You can help us too please. Firstly, we want all users to be comfortable, but we also want to control costs and act with the environment in mind. We are after all now an eco-centre!

So, when you are visiting our centre over the winter months please can you;

  1. Keep external doors and windows closed when at all possible to keep the heat in.
  2. Do not turn off the radiators at the end of your session. The programmers will turn them off and it’s important they are on so that they will come on for the next users.
  3. If you need things cooler or hotter, please adjust the ‘slider’ on the individual radiator programmers (see picture). Level 1 is cold, and 10 is hot. You can use a small stick, a chop stick or kebab stick! If in any doubt as to how to do that, then please speak to the person that opens up the centre for you or get in touch via our email address.

Finally, could you do with reviewing your heating timers to help better manage your home’s comfort and costs?

Best wishes

Neil Clark

Eco-Team Lead


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