Water, water everywhere

Good evening,

It has just finished absolutely throwing it down outside and so it seems like the right time to talk about water!

We now have our water meter fitted at the centre, and so just as with electricity, we will be able to keep a very close eye on how much we are using, and to help spot any issues that might arise over time such as leaks or items left on.


It might seem a little odd to be worried about water given what has just fallen from the sky, but there are several reasons why we will be keeping track of our usage;

– The centre will be paying for every drop we use. The need to carefully manage finances is important for any business and in this respect we are no different.

– In order to get clean drinkable water to the centre, it needs to be collected, stored, cleaned, and piped to us. This has an environmental cost too, for example the process relies on energy.

– It is difficult at times to remember that despite what has just fallen from the sky, we are at times under ‘water stress’ in a densely populated country and so good practices established now could very well prove very useful in time to come.

This might also be a good time to consider if you can do any more to save water?

I look forward to seeing you at the CAG Social tomorrow evening, 7pm-8pm, if you can make it.

Best wishes

Neil Clark

Eco-Team Lead



2 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere

  1. Hi Neil –

    Apropos of nothing really, but while I remember: the lights in the loos – do they go off automatically? And should one leave doors open or closed, or doesn’t it matter?

    See you tomorrow.

    😊 Priscilla

    Sent from Windows Mail

    1. Hi Priscilla,

      Yes, the loo lights all do go off automatically and I think it would be better if the loo doors were kept closed I believe to prevent the movement sensor from keeping turning on the lights!

      See you tomorrow.

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