Cafe fun on Sunday

Did anyone else read this week that 1 in 10 people can’t name any of their neighbours. 3 in 4 people feel isolated from their community. Depressing stuff from these experts. Luckily we have the Community Cafe.

Ok we can’t fix everything, but we can make bacon, flip eggs and give all our lovely Dean Court residents a chance to meet, eat and chat. It’s relaxed, friendly and fun.

Come and join us between 9 and 11.30 on Sunday and enjoy a relaxed breakfast, a caffeine fix, a flick through the Sunday papers or a jump around in the toddler ball pool (apparently height limits apply…so not fair).

Looking forward to seeing lots of you. Do you have a neighbour who might not know about the cafe? A harassed parent or carer who’s all Summer holidayed out? Someone who always wakes up on a Sunday feelings bit worse for wear with no food in? Spread the word and bring them along!

Thanks everyone! I love our community.


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