Do you have a Computer we could use?

Recently the Community Centre had our Internet connection and WiFi installed.  This is very exciting news but in order to make full use of it we need to setup our WiFi a little bit better so that when someone comes for an event they can login fairly easily.  For those who might know a little bit more the computer would be used to manage what is known as a ‘WiFi captive portal’.

In order to do this we need to setup a computer attached to our WiFi hotspot which will manage any users who connect to it.  This is where you, dear reader, come in as computers unfortunately do cost a bit of money.

We are looking for anyone who has a computer they might be prepared to donate to the centre to use to manage the captive portal.  It would need to be a desktop (not a laptop) computer bought ideally within the last five years.  It will need to be a fair bit newer than the one in the picture!

If you have one please mention it in the comments below or come along to the Community Cafe this sunday morning and let one of the volunteers know.


2 thoughts on “Do you have a Computer we could use?

  1. Is DCCA a charity? I suspect you might be – although in that case your Reg. Ch. No. is supposed to be displayed on all material you put out.

    If it is, you might think of trying to get a (cheap) reconditioned one from

    Once you have exhausted your own local contacts, you might consider putting an ad in OxChurch-Info – e-noticeboard going to about 100 churches across the city.

    The next issue, 16 August, will probably not really give you time to find out whether anything might be available) – the following issue is 1 September, deadline 31 August.

    Best wishes,

    Jenny Gerrard

  2. Hi,
    I have been to the Community Centre last Sunday first time since it has been rebuilt. I was so impressed how beautiful it was. Lets come to the point; I have a Dell desk top computer (without the monitor) runs on windows xp. I have been using it with my super hub until last week when I bought a new PC with windows 8. So if you still need one I will be gladly donate it to the centre.

    Best regards,

    Vakkas Tekin

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