You can’t manage what you don’t measure

….. so the saying goes.

As we work towards the Eco-Centres award, we have been finalising the routine monitoring and reporting that we will be doing in respect of our energy and water consumption, and waste recycling.

The accountant in me loves a good spreadsheet and graph, but it also serves a really important function. Soon after we took over the lease of the centre we realised that there was a problem with the heating. We were able to spot this because right from the beginning we were taking regular electricity meter readings. In the space of two weeks we had identified and worked around the problem, and in the process reduced our daily electric consumption by over 80%. As you can imagine, this was really important financially too.


You will see our monitoring report on the (soon to be revealed) Eco-Team notice board which will include a commentary on what the graphs are telling us.

Perhaps the question now is, do you know how much you are spending on energy and where you might be able to make savings?

Neil Clark

Eco-Team Lead


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